The Case Against Fad Diets

by Kids of Steel

The Case Against Fad Diets

Everyday we are told so many things about food. One day day this food is bad or that food will give you magic powers. These fad ideas do little to help you and often promote poor dietary choices. Check out a few fad diet promises and better dietary choices.

Fad diet promise #1: This diet will give you rapid and effortless weight loss.
Achieving drastic weight loss would require radical changes in diet and lifestyle habits, making these diets very hard to maintain AND increases the risk of weight regain. A better, more proven method is to develop a varied, balanced, moderate diet and active lifestyle that you enjoy.  

Fad diet promise #2: Excluding an entire food group or nutrient (i.e. dairy or carbohydrate) will help you achieve your goals.
This is how fad diets name a scapegoat and avoid the real problem. Rather than cutting things out, try adding in activity and work on adding quality, whole foods to your diet.

Fad diet promise #3: Use these products, potions, or pills to increase your metabolism.
Truthfully, the best way to increase metabolism is to eat food and move. You cannot drive a car without gas and the more you drive, the more gas you need. It's that simple!

When working with clients, my goal is to teach them what they need to do to be healthy, not just look “good” for a short period of time.  A well-balanced diet is the most effective way to manage weight and health. 

-Nick Fischer, RD, LDN

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