October Comfort Food


A hot bowl of chili on a cool day is my version of a comfort food. The best part is that this comfort food does not have to be “unhealthy" or hard to cook. 

-Make use of frozen meats, vegetables, and a slow cooker to make nutritious, no-mess meal. Frozen vegetables are already cut, washed, and ready to use. Because the veggies are frozen, they experience less nutrient loss than fresh vegetables picked days before getting to you. Not that fresh is bad, it is just important to know that frozen vegetables are perfectly acceptable.

-Chili does not have to be an all day cooking event. Some soups can be made in less than 30 minutes, making them a good option for when you are short on time. You can always freeze it for later if you have too much!

-Chilies are a great way to use up vegetables in the fridge. If you have spinach mix that is getting old, toss it is your chili while it is cooking. It will wilt down to nothing and add nutrition to your soup.

-Use chili as an way get in whole grains. Have a side of whole grain bread to dip in it or have it over brown rice or quinoa.

-Soups do not have to be high in sodium. You can use low sodium broths and use other spices and herbs to add flavor. My favorite spice is smoked paprika.

Are you on the pumpkin bandwagon and want to make a pumpkin soup? Check out a MyPlate recipe for Pumpkin and White Bean Soup.

-Nick Fischer, RD, LDN

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