FUN-raiser extraordinaire: Abby

Abby is a Graduate Student at Iowa State University, Marathon runner and an amazing sister. We wanted to learn more about Abby to see what motivates her as a charity runner. 

Who/What inspired you to become a charity runner?

My brother, Charlie, lost his life this past December in a tragic construction accident. He was only 25 with so much life left to live. He loved life and truly lived everyday to the fullest. He never did anything half-way and so, it was him and trying to honor the way that he lived his life that inspired me to sign up for my first full marathon. Once I decided to sign up for the marathon, I found out about running for a charity and thought that it was a great way to contribute to something bigger.

Why did you choose Kids of STEEL as your designated charity?

The more I learned about Kids of STEEL, the more I felt like it was a great charity to honor Charlie with. Not a day went by when he wasn’t doing something active and getting outdoors, although his sports were a bit more extreme than mine and included things like dirt bike racing and ice fishing. More importantly, he was constantly getting other people to join him on his adventures and creating a bond of community. That’s why I love what Kids of STEEL is about and I think he would too, because not only is it getting kids active but it is also about getting them connected into a community that supports and builds each other up.  

What is your favorite...

​Fruit: Bananas
Vegetable: Sweet potatoes

Breakfast food: Only for the morning or can be served at any meal? 
Breakfast anytime!

Thank you Abby for fundraising on behalf of the Kids of STEEL program. Click here to support Abby and the Kids of STEEL charity team.

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