FUN-raiser extraordinaire: MaryRose

We are in awe of MaryRose...she's one of only 250 people ready to run their 10th consecutive DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events. Let's learn a little more about this awesome FUN-raiser!

What inspired you to become a charity runner?

This May will mark my 10th consecutive Pittsburgh Marthon/Half-Marathon. The race and I have been through so much together throughout our decade-long relationship, and I think of it now, fondly, as an old friend. When I learned about charity running, and particularly about Kids of STEEL, it felt like the perfect opportunity to celebrate 10 Years Running, by helping to support access to running and healthy lifestyle programming for our region's youth. 

Why did you choose Kids of STEEL as your designated charity?

I love seeing how my kids are inspired by the runners and other athletes in their lives. Everyday, I see how the simple presence of these figures impacts the games they play, their dreams of what they'll do when they grow up, and even their food choices (because they'll take a chance on a bowl of broccoli if it might make them faster). I'm excited to have the chance to support Kids of STEEL because I believe strongly in their mission to bring nutrition and exercise programming to our region's children. I can't imagine a better way to celebrate the strength and sense of community that running has brought to my life, than by helping to bring access to that experience to others.

What is your favorite fruit and vegetable?

Fruit: Red raspberries
Veg: Spinach

Breakfast food: Only for the morning or can be served at any meal?

Any meal, no doubt.

Thank you MaryRose for fundraising on behalf of the Kids of STEEL program. Click here to support MaryRose and the Kids of STEEL charity team.

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