Breakfast Hacks


A few tricks to make breakfast an easy part of your morning routine:

Better choices are simple
Cereal and toast are one of the simplest breakfast options. Luckily there are many 100% whole grain options for each. Just selecting 100% whole grain bread with jelly is an improvement to other refined grain products, not to mention the cost savings. Adding nuts or nut butter increases nutrition with little effort and time.

Overnight Oats Rock
Oatmeal is a no-brainer, but if you have not had overnight oats you are missing out. They require no cooking, can be made in bulk or portions ahead of time, can be taken on the go, and are very cost effective. Here are some more advanced recipes, but you can also keep it simple by mixing together equal parts rolled oats, milk, and yogurt of your choice and then chilling overnight in the fridge. Feel free to add fruit and nuts.

Bake Breakfast for the Week
Eggs are tough to beat but they do require cooking. One way around this is to bake a frittata. Once it is baked you can eat it through the week to make a fast, ready to go breakfast. Also, you can add a bunch of veggies (which is always a good choice), eat them cold or hot, make it into a wrap or sandwich, or top with salsa/ketchup.

Keep it Simple
Remember, breakfast does not have to be complicated. Paring food groups is simple and effective. For example, a spoonful of peanut butter and a fist full of raisins is far better than nothing. Some of my favorite combos include:

Fruit, 100% whole grain tortilla shell, granola bar paired with nut butter, cheese stick, milk, yogurt, or a hard-boiled egg.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
This may sound weird, but your body does not know that there are foods considered breakfast foods. Your body does not care that you ate waffles for dinner, it simply knows food and how to break it down into chemicals and then use those chemicals. So you if you can grab a fast breakfast from leftover chicken, veggies, and rice the night before, go for it. Your body will not care, it will just be happy that you ate.

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