Kids of Steel

Alexander the Great - Runner!

by Kids of Steel
What he lacks in age, he makes up for in passion and experience. With 20+ races under his belt, this young runner is proof that age is simply a number! Read more

The Case Against Fad Diets

by Kids of Steel
Everyday we are told so many things about food. One day day this food is bad or that food will give you magic powers. These fad ideas do little to help you and often promote poor dietary choices. This becomes a problem because a child’s diet usually mirrors that of their parent or guardian. Read more

Food Myths that Need to Stop

by Kids of Steel
Kids of STEEL Nick Fischer, RD, LDN tells us the truth behind some of the biggest nutrition and food myths! Read more

Saving Your Summer Veggies

by Kids of Steel
As summer winds down, here are some tips from P3R's Nutritionist, Nick Fischer, RD, on how to save your fresh summer veggies for the Fall. Read more

Portion Distortion

by Kids of Steel
Eating healthy can be a challenge, we are constantly being bombarded by fad diets and next great weight loss plan. As Registered Dietitian, I can reassure that maintaining a proper diet is not hard as one would think. Read more